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Making Your Life Easier

Whether you are in need of short term relief in the form of respite care or a more permanent care arrangement for a loved one or yourself, our caregivers can help make life easier.

Special Facilities

24 Hour Emergency Facility

Free Treatment for Chiranjeevi Card Holders

(For Eligible Families of National Manure Security)

Sonography and 2DECHO facility available in Patel Hospital

Free Asthma and Respiratory Problem Camp

Camp Facilities

  • Free Informational book regarding breathing problem and diseases.
  • Free checkup of lungs by peak flow meter.
  • Free checkup of asthmatic patient by computer (Spirometry).
1st & 3rd wednesday of every month

Our Facilities


Physician Clinic

Fever, Brain Tuberculosis, Brain Fever, Tuberculosis Poisoning, Patients suffering from Serious Disease, Heart Disease, Breathing Problems, Diabetes, Asthma, Neurology.


Obstetrics & Gynecology

Heath issues related to women and best delivery services, regular tests of pregnant women’s and complete vaccination facility, removal of the womb (uterus) without stitches and infertility treatment service.



All types of operations by Laparoscopic procedure such as- Gall Bladder Stone(Gallstones), Kidney Stone, Prostate, Inguinal Hernia, Hydrocele, Appendix, Fibroids, Rectum, Small Intestine, Histectomy, Delivery, D&c and all types of Fracture.



All operations related to bone and treatment by monitoring on CARM machine, Accidental Trauma, Critical Care.

Our values

Patient Centricity

Commit to 'best outcomes and experience' for our patients. Treat patients and their caregivers with compassion.


Be principled, open and honest.. Model and live our 'Values'. Demonstrate moral courage to speak up and do the right things.


Proactively support each other and operate as one team. Respect and value people at all levels with different opinions. .


Be responsible and take pride in our actions. Take initiative and go beyond the call of duty. Deliver commitment and agreement made.

Our Doctors


Dr. D.R. Patel

M.D. (Medicine)

Director/Senior Physician

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Dr. N. Padnabhan

M.C.H. (Plastic Surgery)

Every Second & Fourth Sunday

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Dr. Abhishek Goyal


Every Day & On Emergency Call

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Dr. Rashid Ahmad

D.M. (Cardiology)

Every Second & Fourth Sunday

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